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Fishing & Rec Policy

Fishing & Recreation Policy

Hocking River Commission (HRC) protects land representing diverse ecosystems in southeast Ohio with a full complement of species.  HRC encourages all recreational use of the Hocking River including fishing. There is no fee to use HRC properties for river access.  We do request that all fishermen obey all Ohio Department of Natural Resources laws regarding fishing.  To use HRC properties for fishing you must follow ODNR and HRC regulations:

Hocking River Commission Fishing Regulations

  1. Obey all hunting laws and regulations of the ODNR Division of Wildlife 
  2. No littering the area. 
  3. No overnight camping or camp fires.
  4. No firearms.
  5. Hunter must park his or her vehicle only at approved parking areas.
  6. No motorized vehicles are permitted beyond parking areas.
  7. The Hocking River Commission’s preserves are protected natural areas.  No plants, animals or historical or natural features may be removed.
  8. Failure to comply with the Hocking River Commission regulations or any Ohio Division of Wildlife regulations will result in the loss of future land privileges at Hocking River Commission sites.